About the Owner
“J.P. Barlow grew up on a dairy farm near Glasgow, KY, where he learned the value of hard work. He moved to Lexington to study at the University of Kentucky and began building and remodeling homes in 2001. In 2005, he married the love of his life, Carly, and together they are raising five wonderful children.

A man of principle, J.P.’s very nature requires both excellence and integrity. Spending his childhood working on the family farm with his father and brothers, he learned that no matter the circumstances, the cows must be milked. That understanding of duty and follow-through has traveled with him over the last 15 years in the construction and remodeling business. Valuing relationships over profit, and his word over compromise, J.P. has built more than just a few homes in Central Kentucky: He’s built a reputation of excellence.”

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Stephen Henderson, Realtor
Lexington, KY
Our Company
With over 15 years of experience, J. Parrish Builders specializes in building custom homes and tailored remodeling projects in Lexington and the surrounding counties.

J. Parrish Builders isn’t defined by project type. We are defined by our customer and the experience that they will encounter during the project. We see our work as a shift in the typical construction model. We aren’t trying to find a niche market for a specific type of project.  We are working with clients that have a distinct set of goals and partnering alongside them to bring those goals into reality.

Our Process
This construction paradigm shift can’t be achieved with a rigid approach, narrowing the scope of what we can accomplish.  This can only happen through collaborating with the client, seeking first to understand their unique circumstances.  Defining the project scope, embracing the project schedule, and understanding their budget is the first step.

The second step is to establish project cost, define the project sequence and set expectations for how the project will affect the client’s life.  In taking the time to ask these questions on the front end (how will the project affect our lifestyle, what kind of time demands will be required with the project, what will our involvement in the process be, who will help us make decisions, when will we need to make decisions) we alleviate so much of the stress that goes with a construction project.  It is not our hope to take on every project that is available to us.  It is our hope, to take on projects where every person involved has a shared vision and equal passion to bring that vision to fruition.

Our entire approach to project management is to ensure the customer has a great experience.  It is not enough to look back and say, we have a great home.  Only when we have combined a great finished product with a great customer experience can we say we have achieved our goals.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and consider us for your residential construction needs.

What Our Customers Say

“This is my 4th renovation since 1998 and I must say it has been the best. I would definitely recommend [J. Parrish Builders] to friends and will call [them] for future renovation needs.”

-Judy Duncan

What Our Customers Say

“Without hesitation, we would confidently recommend JP Barlow and J. Parrish Professional Builders to anyone looking to renovate their home, whether the job be big or small.”

-Jim and Claire Hanssen

What Our Customers Say

“J Parrish Builders recently completed an extensive remodel to our home. We are extremely pleased with the result! The job was completed timely and to our satisfaction; JP is relentless in assuring the job is done right!”

-Jack and Judy Tarr